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Cryptocurrencies – An Alternative Medium To Buy Apple ...
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Cryptocurrencies – An Alternative Medium To Buy Apple Products

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2018)

Cashless society has come into existence providing many benefits. The plastic money, that we are using is also on the verge of getting out of the scene. Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are available and making their presence felt strongly round the globe. These methods are way beyond the credit cards, E-wallet, mobile payment apps and bank transfers. Next year you may see that these automated payment method is taking over credit card payments problem.

Regarding these Alternative Payment Methods, cryptocurrency is the very first thing that comes to mind. It’s worth considering that people dealing in cryptocurrency are mostly Hodling and do not seem to stay away from it. As a matter of fact, only 8% of the population has invested in cryptocurrency in the United States.

Bitcoin, with its non-constant, fluctuating value and volatility makes it impossible for day to day transactions. For this, cryptocurrency does not appear to be taking on any of the major credit cards or a APM presently.

Although the current trends indicate, stable coins’ strong position to get traction in near future. Havven coin’s effort to make Apple products available for purchase can be considered a step in this direction.


Your longing to spend your coins (stable or otherwise) seems tough with the current non-acceptance of bitcoin by Apple. But being in US comes with an advantage as one can easily buy Apple products with the Havvven coin from the Havven estore. This is the first time that a stable coin is enabling buyers to buy Apple products.

Now arises an obvious question. Why not visit Apple store directly for its products? There are people who believe that cryptocurrency is the future but they are not in comfort zone for stable coins tied to Fiat or gold. For all such people Havven offers a realistic alternative.


There is stability achieved by Havven platform by using two different token, the Havven coin and the ‘nomin’ coin. Nomins are issued against the value of the collateral token. Users with this dual token approach get incentives to hold Havven tokens as the transaction fees is paid to Havven hodlers.

Havven is a decentralised stable coin which makes it secure and resistant to censorship. Havven Coin uses a decentralised asset, so as a means of payment it is protected against price volatility. Since the asset is distributed, it cannot be lost, stolen or hacked.

So anyone interested to use cryptocurrency to buy Apple products are now having Havven coin to do so.