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EMMARES – Redefining Email Marketing
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICO, Interview

EMMARES – Redefining Email Marketing

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2018)

When it comes to marketing , Email marketing needs no introduction. Indeed it is the most popular but the impact is not what it is expected.This is due in large part to the fact that so much of the content used in email marketing is of exceptionally low quality.EMMARES  has come up with smart services to enable users to get email marketing content up to their standards and customized for them based on their gender and region. EMMARES has a mission to make the world spam-free and to play a leading role in uncovering the possibilities of a dynamic content evaluation and smart delivery system.

Bojan Oremuz , the CEO and Founder of EMMARES delightfully joined MarketmMongers for TechTalks. Here is the complete ‘TechTalks’

Rama:Tell us about yourself .

Bojan Oremuz: I am entrepreneur my whole life. My first company is dated in 1989 and since then I was involved in IT projects and in last years in the projects on the blockchain. Among awards, we received also European Ist prize nomination, which is one of the most prestigious European IT awards.

Rama:When and how did the idea of EMMARES start?

Bojan Oremuz: We were in email marketing as ESP for years. Our ESP is sending around 10 million emails per day. We know, how powerful the email marketing is and with 4000% RoI is actually one of the most effective techniques in the  industry. The right question in that business is » how to grow subscriber base with targeted and interested new subscribers«. That simple question has a lot of answers and real organic growth of the audience is the key factor to success. As Email is a bit different medium as other on line channels, it can be populated only trough other digital channels (as landing pages, SEO, Google Addwords, etc).  Email is at current not searchable and not transparent. It is impossible to search for the email content with old techniques. That sets the limitations

Rama:.What problems does EMMARES solve?

Bojan Oremuz: Emmares is solving one of the key questions of every marketer – How can I organically reach new subscribers, who are really interested in my content! And for the recipients –  If I want certain content, how can I find it and know, that the one, which I found, is really valuable.

Emmares is drastically changing all we know about email marketing today. Previously one way medium is now searchable and transparent.

The contents are evaluated by the recipients of email messages. Recipients are rewarded for fair evaluation with crypto tokens. The rating scores are creating a digital reputation score.

People can search for specific area of their interest at the content directory and see, which contents are rated high.

Rama: How does EMMARES – Email Marketing Rewarding System  benefit email marketers (senders) as well as email recipients?

Bojan Oremuz: Instead of making huge investments in classical search engine traffic, marketers can focus on creating excellent information in their newsletters. High reputation score is a key to higher interest of new interested subscribers. Subscribed new recipients are pure organic and interested in the topic.

Recipients usually say, that we all would like to unsubscribe to all mails… But reality is, that statistically everybody is subscribed to the contents, which are of his interest.

The first impression on negative effects of email marketing are coming out of the fact, that many marketers want to speed up the process and instead of organic growing the database, they are buying various lists and spam. That creates a negative effect on the whole email system and because until now the email didn’t have a reputation system, nobody actually punished such behavior.

With transparency and global reputation the email is entering a new era. Everybody would have a possibility to check the reputation rating and with global usage of EMMARES platform, the bad contents will be organically filtered out.

Rama:What role does blockchain technology play for EMMARES?

Bojan Oremuz: Blockchain is essential where it comes to trust and transparency. The rewards for the recipients, who are evaluating the content quality are made decentralized without intervention from third party. That makes trust in the system. As recipients are rewarded for the fair evaluation of the system, the Blockchain takes care of fair value transfers and rating no changeability.

The email marketing market size is large. 60% of total 270 Billion Emails sent daily are considered  to be an email marketing mails. As the frequency of the ratings is very high, we have to take care of high throughput. That is why our design is  including sidechain which records statistical volume of the ratings and makes value transfers for the rewards.

Rama:How does token function within in the platform ?

Bojan Oremuz: After initial token sale, the tokens are circulating in the system. Marketers are providing a reward pool for the recipients, who will rate the content quality. Recipients are rewarded with EMA tokens for fair evaluation. Collected tokens can use for their promotion or swap them with other marketers, who are using the platform. The service fee is paid to EMMARES with every pool filling.

Rama:Introduce your team to us.

Bojan Oremuz: EMMARES team is well balanced set of developers, business developers, marketing and sales specialists. Team members history proves their successful performance with various successful projects  as : national EU reporting system (FADN), security products, which were awarded with European Ist prize nomination. Team received also many awards for innovation from chamber of commerce for innovative products from fields of security, email marketing, project management and marketing.

Team knowledge and capacity is enhanced with great advisors. One to mention is Giuseppe Gori, Canadian scientist and founder of next generation Blockchain Gorbyte, who is our technology advisor. Janko Cajhen was lead of business development Microsoft for the region of SE Europe and is helping in business development and strategies. Ilya Anikin is our investors advisor and excellent specialist in investing strategies.

Rama:What is the roadmap post ICO ?

Bojan Oremuz: EMMARES is set to go global. Only as global solution it will fully utilize the whole potential, which it have. The platform and system encourages excellent content quality , less frequency and punishes spammers and low quality content. As a global solution it can set the thresholds to eliminate the spam from our mailboxes. But that was not the main goal. The main goal is to make a accessible information about available contents in email marketing and transparent reputation system, which helps everybody in searching for a value in information.

We see the enormous potential in the added value for the marketers and for the recipients. Our goal is, to present that possibilities to everybody, who can benefit out of them.

The development of first final version of EMMARES platform will be ready by the end of 2018 and in 2019 globalization will be the main task.  MVP system is available now at and it provides already possibilities for marketers and recipients as they will be in the end product.

We will do everything to make EMA tokens available to users and make them as easy as possible experience. With partners we will assure access to the tokens on the exchanges to make smooth circle in the EMMARES ecosystem.

We are inviting everybody who is producing a valuable content in email marketing to use EMMARES.COM platform for free until October 2018.

A short explainer video is at the link :