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Helios: Making Autonomous Mining A Reality

Helios: Making Autonomous Mining A Reality

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2018)

Mining of cryptocurrency involves infinity of electricity and cost, the need of regularly cleaning from the dust and dirt, or the farm ventilation and all fees themselves, the constant  worry about the availability of the Internet and the correct rate of currency for mining is all part of cryptocurrency mining. Helios has combined solar panels, electricity storage system, immersion cooling, self mining, and added to this cocktail a self-learning control system that independently changes crypto-currencies for mining based on the situation on the market.

The solution provided by Helios is autonomous, closed ,self-circuit system that require minimal maintenance. We MarketMongers came to know much from Artem Negroenko, CEO of HeliosCoin. Here is the TechTalk:

Rama: How and when did the concept of HeliosCoin start?

Artem Negroenko: In the end of 2017 I’ve met Stan and both of us were astonished by our identical vision of the future of material and virtual worlds. We reflected about transformation of energy in world’s history, in history of humankind and science. About the idea of PoW, about crypto-miner’s typical problems and non-involvement of hot climate countries in mining process. By combining together all answers we’ve got the alchemy formula of our project.

Rama: Tell us about HeliosСoin including details of how it is autonomous, closed, self circuit system with minimal maintenance.

Artem Negroenko: As I said before, Helios Mining’s idea is to create the PERFECT MINING. Our clusters transform the Universes_primary_energy (Sun energy) directly to New_age_something – blockchain basis. Apparently, everything looks easy: Sun panels are mixed with mining equipment, batteries, immersive cooling baths. But when all this stuff is mixed in right proportion and controlled by clever CPU, we get full autonomous system, tailored especially for hot climate. First: Clusters doesn’t use external electric power. For mining process with its high consumption the difference here is like between walking and flying for a human. External electricity means costs, territorial fixing and restrictions, relations with power supplier company and government regulation or even interventions. Cheap external electricity always is dirty – produced with burning of fossils. Clean external electricity is always expensive because of its transportation and suppliers price politics. Our clusters don’t have all this problems. Second: immersive cooling is more tricking technically, but it makes the maintenance of whole system cheaper and less frequently. Expensive mining equipment is immersed into an ideally surrounding that keeps it clean, defends it from contact with gases and any active and harmful substances.

Rama: How HeliosCoin is going to impact mining of cryptocurrency positively with the most energy efficient usage for mining ?

Artem Negroenko: The second advantage of immersive technology is the possibility of increasing the productivity of mining equipment with regard to air cooling. There are some secrets here, but it really works in our clusters. But the main idea here is to provide mining process to new territories, new countries, new people, for whom this way of earning money was totally closed or not profitable. It is like bringing a light into a full darkness or to bring a heat into a permafrost.

Rama: How will the token function within the platform and how it will benefit holders with right to vote and right to receive dividends from mining operations?

Artem Negroenko: Our token is more secured one. Tokens give the right to vote. From time to time when we need to take strategic decisions regarding mining operations or other important decision , our company will be able to put those decisions to a vote. Token holders with veto power over the company’s proposals will take part in the voting. The voting process will be established based on the HLC token smart contract.

Also our tokens give the right to receive dividends from our mining operations. Dividends are calculated only on the basis of net profit from mining operations. They are not based on the statement of profit and loss (P&L) of our company , which can introduce risks that are not associated with mining. in other words, our token holders will receive dividends until they hold our token.

There is a BuyBack function that we build in to our smart contract. It means that every month we will buy back 5% of distributed tokens and burn it – with this action we will raise the price and token liquidity.

Rama: How will the funds raised be used ?

Artem Negroenko: New and new clusters installation. New plots on Cyprus, then Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco. Some funds will be forwarded to research area – we understand that new technologies gives us good chances to make our technology more and more efficient.

Rama: Tell us about your team .

Artem Negroenko: Our team consists of incredibly enthusiastic guys. In some areas we are truly experienced, something is new for us here, but the team has a vision, has an idea how to make the future closer, to make the world better. Stan is our light, a man with the vision and very experienced guy in all key areas. Also he is incredibly productive an efficient. Our advisors, Larry Cameron, Joakim Holmer and Anders Larsson are really great people in blockchain world. Their experience, intellect, and crystal clear view of essences of everything are indisputable. Their attention to HeliosCoin and readiness to cooperate with us means a lot for us, gives the project a power to grow faster and faster, gives all investor great confidence of their investments growth. Sergey Kosse, Elvira Nazipova, Sam Bzezz, Vitaliy Chebotarev. Each of them creates its part of beautiful future, and do it perfectly, fully involved, with fun and pleasure. My role is a control in general, coordination of all process, strategic decisions, creation of the philosophy of whole project. All my previous and other actual projects weren’t connected with blockchain industry, but they are really successful.

Rama: What is your roadmap post ICO?

Artem Negroenko: Our project supposed to finish on 1st of October 2018. After that no matter how much we will raise on ICO we will start building new facilities. Starting from December 2018 we begin to sell our Solar Mining Clusters worldwide. It means that any one can buy our cluster and enjoy full autonomy in mining. On January of 2019 hopefully we will make a better version release of our IOS and Android application which will help cluster owner to control it and mining protocol. Hopefully by the time of ICO we will sign some contracts with other subtropical and tropical regions. We already started negotiations with UAE, BELIZE and ISRAEL.

Its also important to tell that our development team doesn’t stop its work. We started to work on thermo generator which will help us to build «endless engine» which produce electricity for mining. think about it – miners produce heat – thermo generator produce electricity from heat. Isn’t it perfect? Thats our plans for future.


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