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Large Scale Bitcoin Mining – Russia’s Next Step,...

Large Scale Bitcoin Mining – Russia’s Next Step, Post Minery Launch

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2018)

Digital currency is well recognised in the world. Although mining is facing ban yet mining operations have been mushrooming in the recent times.

Russia with its legal mining operations, located in Siberia is going to be a part of mining operations. The Bank of Russia, wishes which is Russia’s Central Bank permitted the mining of cryptocurrencies on the condition that coins should not be sold inside the country. The Bank took taxation point of view under consideration and analysed how it can be controlled and reported. It’s worth mentioning that selling cryptocurrencies outside the country would not be exempting miners from filing and pay their taxes.

One of the companies, operating in mining cryptocurrencies clearly expressed to establish mining complexes with capacity of 55 MW on a 59,000 ft.² site within Irkutsk region. A prominent power supplier of the region, Bratsk Electric Grid Company has partnered with a mining company.

Bratsk Electric Grid Company ISC is considered significant, providing hardware installation and configuration. The company tackles breakdown by making necessary repairs on the spot. It is imperative to have such operation when engaging in contracts with cloud mining providers, mining pools or third-party hosting platform. Under the policies of the Russian Federation and bank, it is considered legal.

Climatic conditions and availability of quality energy resources makes Russia the best for crypto mining prospect. Observing Russia’s favourable conditions, more than 1.5 million Russians have initiated solo mining. Although solo mining have risks associated as not only causes annoyance and trouble but poses a threat to safety also.

Often these operations are in function illegally. For mining, electricity is stolen, the land and premises are used for other purpose while the expense is born by those who are residents, the equipments are smuggled across state and international borders. Because of these illegal activities, mining firms are closed and their operators arrested.

Co-founder Ilya Bruman of Minery, a company dealing in mining quoted that he had encountered restrictions on solo (home) mining and that had led to come to a solution in terms of scalability and legal operations. The main aspiration is to equip the industry with infrastructure, powerful and stable electricity supply for investor that would ensure smooth operation.


The most challenging aspect with mining that make it fall into the category of illegal is the use of electricity without authorisation causing cities, towns facing problems related to this. Since it has become digital, cryptojacking malwere has been causing harm to computers and servers and thus reducing their CPU power and resources.

The local climatic conditions of Siberia region, where Minery’s mining complexes are located are optimal for miners as the average annual temperature is 28.4°F or -2° cent Celsius. This is good for miner’s heat and cooling systems which in turn reduces expenses occurred. There are Hydroelectric power stations located on Angara river which provide renewable electricity. The goal of reducing energy costs involved in mining is best achieved when mining facilities are placed near the cheapest and most eco-friendly electricity hydroelectric power station.