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SID Enabling A Global Internet Access Boom

SID Enabling A Global Internet Access Boom

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2018)

The world is getting empowered with the technological advancements taking place. Internet is a blessing in disguise helping us, entertaining us, sharing our responsibilities and thus making our lives full of convenience and joy. The joy of having internet with us as a friend turns a bit bitter when one is in a situation to ask for the ‘PASSWORD’ to get connected to Wi-Fi. SID Limited is a tech start-up developed to boost the global internet connectivity with new disruptive technology which enables users an easy and efficient way to share crowd sourced internet access. SID’s technology facilitates the sharing of WiFi hotspots all over the world. Users can add their WiFi network to be shared with the SID community. SID has a noble objective to enable a global Internet access boom and thus help to lift certain segments of the 500 million poor people out of poverty.

MarketMongers had an interview session with Mr. Jose Merino, Chairman and Co-Founder of SID Limited, given below are some highlights of the interview session …

Rama : Your innovative technology aims to enable a global Internet access boom and thus help to lift certain segments of the 500 million poor. Tell us something about yourself ? 

Mr. Jose : “I am Jose Merino, Chairman and Co-Founder of SID Limited, the man taking on the world to enable internet access to all using our SID Innovation”. Jokes apart! Having come myself from several decades working in different multi-national companies, like having been the VP of Operations of Philips Consumer Communications, and having created and exited a start-up as a trade sale to Vtech Holdings I bring that experience into SID Limited. The operational team and Advisors we have at SID are so diverse and have more than 8 different nationalities that its bound to create positive friction and different opinions but that is what contributes to growing in to a globally diverse company.

Rama : What took you into the ICO world and how has the journey so far? 

Mr. Jose : What we do at SID is not inspired by profit motive but rather the need to give back to the society. It’s a noble cause which we felt that the more we open up for as many people as possible to join in, participate and own part of the company success through an ITO (initial token sale). Our hope is that the SID Token is also taken up by many smaller buyers as its one of the few of hundreds and hundreds of ICOs out there, of which the vast majority have no commercial product whilst there are crowdfunding through an ICO.  In the case of SID we had finished our Proof Of Principle almost a year ago and finished alpha and beta testing end of 2017. One of the satisfying things in this journey was when a first 3rd party brand like the franchise of Dunkin Donuts for Spain, called Dunkin Coffee released in early 2018 our SID technology inside their APP nationwide in Spain to all their users, resulting in 91 thousand active monthly users as stated by Dunlin Coffee Marketing Director in a joint press release with SID Limited. We than released our own SID branded commercial platform with the corresponding platform access through the release of the SID App on the Play-Store and on the App-Store back in early February 2018.

It’s an exciting journey that we are taking in our stride to ensure compliance with all regulations and conform to the dynamic global environment that we operate in. We see a lot of interest in our product and already multiple people are joining in. we will soon unveil our bounty/referral/airdrop program in anticipation to the  upcoming private sale. We would like to invite everyone to whitelist for starting SID Token private sale by clicking here.

Rama : Describe Share Internet Data, highlighting its uniqueness and gains for users? 

Mr. Jose : As of today, the SID mobile app that provides instant connectivity to Wi-Fi, without the need to know or ask for the password has revolutionized how data is shared both across Wi-Fi and Mobile Data and is currently in the funding phase to fund global expansion. The Blockchain enabled SID platform, powered by Stellar, will allow free internet access to all regardless of their location and in future enable users to consume advertisements to make money by obtaining SID tokens for consumed Ads, imagine getting paid for using the internet! The SID micropayment system that is based on Blockchain allows many small transactions of a cent of a Euro. It will have the ability to conclude transactions between SID App users, in a matter of seconds, taking mobile e-commerce to the mobile phone where internet access has already been provided for free by SID in certain cases. This technology has the potential to shake-up the existing telecommunications industry as it converts each mobile user to a potential data reseller .Who can then sell to everyone on the SID platform and can open the electronic commerce even further. This will truly provide the citizen of the world with the ability to enjoy their basic human right of access to internet, reduce global poverty and reduce the digital divide.

From  technology point of view, a unique novelty is our patent pending internet sharing between smartphones, which in the case when
(i) Wi-Fi is the internet shared, it will extend the range of that Wi-Fi by SID smartphones sharing it with other SID smartphones outside of range and when

(ii) Mobile internet shared, it will allow virtually anywhere on the planet to share internet simply because there are 16 times more smartphones already today than there are Wi-Fi hotspots according to  Statista.

Rama : Tell us about your team and its strength ? 

Mr. Jose : Our key strength lies in our multitalented team who are multicultural, multilingual from all continents from across the globe. Many of our board of advisors are Top ranked on ICO-Bench and all have huge following across the world. We have people from various professional backgrounds who have many years of experience that is guiding our project. We have an outstanding development team and management with many past successful commercial successes to their names. Above all, the team and its supporters believe we can make a difference and are prepared to go that extra mile to make SID the success it so deserves to be.

Rama : How will the trading of tokens be done ?

Mr. Jose : There are 2 different aspect to “trading of tokens”, firstly the SID token, based on the Stellar blockchain, will be quoted on a public exchange after the ITO such all token holders can trade openly and transparently without any interference nor any control whatsoever by SID on any of the quoted tokens.

Secondly, the SID token is inherently through the existing SID platform designed to have a utility to be used as a payment means on the SID platform. For example, already today SID Android smartphone users that add a working Wi-Fi password on the SID platform through our SID APP are being paid in SID Tokens. Similarly once the SID token will be quoted on a public exchange post ITO, we will activate soon after the trading (or paying) with tokens for consumed Mobile internet from nearby SID Android smartphone users. And my personal favorite that comes from the heart is this one; at a point in the future we will also allow SID users that can´t afford not even 1 cent EURO to by a token to instead consume Ads and we will pay that user in Tokens for the Ads consumed. That user can than save tokens and sell them on the exchange or use those to pay for mobile internet shared to them by other SID smartphones nearby.

Rama : How are you going to achieve your mission of lifting as many people as possible out of poverty by giving them access to internet? 

Mr. Jose : There are many forms of poverty and there has been great attempts by the United Nation to reduce poverty. SID aims to contribute to the United Nation’s No1 SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) through internet access provision to all. This removes the companies who play in the middle to reap profits by enabling every user to use, acquire and resell internet data directly to one another. This is besides enabling free use of Wi-Fi without the need to know the passwords. Users can use the same free Wi-Fi to consume advertisements and instantly get paid in SID token, which can be exchanged to fiat or other cryptocurrencies on all exchanges or simply use it for what the SID Tokens is designed for, namely to pay for Mobile internet consumed from other nearby SID Android smartphone users.

Rama : What piece of advice you would like to give to the companies planning their ICOs in upcoming months? 

Mr. Jose : It’s an exciting yet very demanding long process, key is getting proper legal and financial advice, ensure regulatory compliance even if it takes to move the Holding company to a regulated country as was the case for SID Limited under the ITO friendly region of Gibraltar. Beyond the ITO the key is to deliver on the promises to the equity investors and to the token buyers.

So everyone who wants to be part of this company with the blockchain enabled product (SID) already released commercially or those who want to help lift more people out of poverty through provisioning of internet connectivity, join us for the soon to start SID Token sale and Register on SID by clicking here.