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Uncloak – The Ultimate Cyber Threat Management Solutio...
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Uncloak – The Ultimate Cyber Threat Management Solution

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2018)

There is no denying that cyber security is one of the major challenge, computer hacking with new breaches of data has been  posing potential cyber threat. Uncloak is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytical tool for the intuitive, automated and seamless performance of security checks: giving users the ability to cut through the cyber jargon and understand, remediate and resolve cyber security issues. Uncloak intends to make high level of security available at a lower cost on a mass scale. Tayo Dada is CYBER SECURITY EXPERT and Founder, CEO of uncloak, Market Mongers had an interview with him and this is what he said :

Rama:What is the inspiration behind Uncloak?

Tayo Dada:I started hacking at the age of eleven when I would adapt Sony Walkmans for my friends. Then by fifteen, I had moved onto modems, dial-ups and even hacking into the systems of a couple of companies. I went on to be hired as an ethical hacker, helping companies like Grant Thornton and KPMG with their own system security, and enabling them to access systems for forensic accountancy.

In 2001 I set up my first company, Synergie IT Solutions, which provided managed IT services and security for companies. It was here I saw a gap in the market – a way for smaller businesses to keep on top of the constantly emerging security threats, without needing an inhouse security expert, which 96% of businesses in Europe cannot afford.

This led me to create Uncloak, the world’s first blockchain powered cyber threat solution, putting even small businesses one step ahead of hackers.

Rama:What are potential threats regarding cyber security and why cyber security solutions have not been successful in dealing with them so far?

Tayo Dada:The threats facing both business and consumer, not to mention entire countries, are becoming increasingly more sophisticated nowadays. Money tends to be the driving factor behind a large majority of attacks, and with that comes organised crime. Unfortunately, many companies and law enforcement agencies simply don’t have the resources necessary to stop a determined threat actor, and will, in most cases, be reacting to an attack, after the event, rather than stopping it before, or while it’s happening. Prevention is hard to do, and as the SC article states “Hackers only need to get it right once, we need to get it right every time”.

Rama:What makes Uncloak the ultimate cyber threat management solution ?

Tayo Dada:Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), Uncloak is able to identify hackers, their behaviour and the information they are trading publicly on the internet or via the hidden internet, more commonly known as the “dark web.” Additionally, with the Uncloak bug bounty program, ‘white hat’ ethical hackers are incentivised to discover potential vulnerabilities in systems, enabling the vendor to apply a patch before it is discovered, and exploited, by malicious attackers. Combined with the more traditional, automated cyber security protection methods, Uncloak provides users’ with an intelligence driven, proactive solution.

Rama:How has the blockchain technology and advanced AI been used to make Uncloak the ultimate solution for cyber security solution ?

Tayo Dada:Uncloak uses artificial intelligence to identify hackers, their behaviour and the information they are trading publicly on the internet or via the “dark web.” Then, by putting out bug bounties using an automated blockchain system, both ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ ethical hackers can be paid in a legitimate way for finding new bugs.

Rama:Throw light on strategic partnerships with Adecco, the world’s largest human resource firm and Krzana ,  leading artificial intelligence software developers .

Tayo Dada:In 2017, we formed a strategic partnership with Adecco the world’s largest human resources firm. Adecco recognises that company structures are changing which calls for a rethink of traditional ways of thinking about managing teams.  Adecco sees value in the disruptive potential of Uncloak’s Blockchain DApp model and wants to use it to provide cyber security consultancy to their clients.

Like Uncloak, Adecco understands that the way business is done globally will look very different five years from now, but people will always be central to commerce. Adecco is focused on tailoring data security solutions for their clients that free them up to maximize the opportunities of the digital world while minimizing the risks.

“Uncloak will be supported through relationships with big partners like Adecco who want to offer their customers an expert, unbiased approach to contemporary cybersecurity.”

– Cybersecurity expert Nick Banks – Uncloak’s Commercial Director.

By working in conjunction with KrzanaTM, a world leading Artificial Intelligence software development firm specialising in software that is able to read social media content/website posts, Uncloak will be able to provide the most up to date cyber threats database for our clients relevant to their computing infrastructure.

Rama:What are the key features of Uncloak ?

Tayo Dada:We have 3 elements in the system itself: one is a vulnerability scanner that is able to scan your company’s computer system, looking for vulnerabilities; secondly, we have integrated AI  into our system, which is able to go out into the public internet and dark web and look for information relating to zero day vulnerabilities that have not been reported, in order to catch them before they arrive at the public arena; and thirdly we have what’s known as a “Bug Bounty” program, which allows us utilize a team of qualified, registered ethical hackers to test for, and confirm, any threats or vulnerabilities that may exist within the clients scope. All within a system powered by software.

Rama:Uncloak uses two tokens, explain them highlighting their use and characteristics.

Tayo Dada:Uncloak uses two tokens, UNC and UCC, to power the platform. The UNC token is developed on Ethereum ERC-20 format, whilst the UCC token is developed on EOS format.

The UNC tokens will be externally tradeable and can be purchased on a token/crypto exchange via ethereum, neo, BTC, etc, depending on the exchange used. They can be used to purchase and subscribe to the Uncloak platform along with fiat currency for subscription services.

The UCC token is used internally on the platform for rewarding bug bounty hunters. Hunters and validators who have earned UCC tokens can convert these tokens into tradeable UNC tokens, which are then sent securely to the hunters registered crypto wallet.  

Rama:What led you to launch ICO ?

Tayo Dada:Having spent over 15 years working in cyber security consultancy, it was apparent to me that the IT sector was unable to keep up with hackers, with new threats appearing on a daily basis, often involving sizable amounts of money and/or data being stolen. It was also apparent that the overwhelming majority of companies cannot afford to purchase ad hoc cyber security services, or were unaware of the dangers until they had been hacked themselves. All businesses — large, medium and small — have similar security requirements for protecting their infrastructure. Our vulnerability scanner helps them to eliminate the threat of cyber insecurity.

The thing I realized, is that that companies want to secure their network but it’s far too complex or too expensive for them, and so we wanted to provide a solution that was easy enough for them to implement, done effectively, and followed the typical process a cyber security expert implement,  but done faster, and cheaper and on a very large scale.

Rama:What is the roadmap post ICO ?

Tayo Dada:The main goal of the project right now is to establish a main-net on the platform. If you’re not familiar with EOS – it’s a Blockchain Version 3 platform that is able to manage application on the blockchain which is pretty amazing. If we’re trying to be a global services business, getting onto the main-net blockchain would be a major milestone for us as it will allow us to serve clients globally, small and large. All from one single platform, at high speed and low cost, thanks to the utilization of a proof of state network.

We are also aiming to build an extensive channel partnership model that allows our cyber security solution to be provided to the global SME market. In the first instance, it’s extremely important that we are able to roll-out out the first build of our Uncloak solution in Q1 2019 and we are very confident that with our core team, we will be best placed to achieve a number of our strategic goals as per our roadmap.